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Although it was constructed nearly 30 years after Sir John Logan Campbell's death, the Obelisk fulfilled the terms expressed in his will and was built with funds he had reserved for that purpose. It was intended as a permanent record of his admiration for the achievements and character of Maori. The base of the obelisk is formed from rusticated basalt blocks and rubbed stone wedges. The cast bronze figure of a Maori Rangatira was sculptured by Richard Oliver Gross. The Obelisk was completed by 1940, but in keeping with the Maori custom of not holding such ceremonies during a time of bloodshed, the official unveiling was delayed until World War Two was over. It was held on 24 April 1948 and a number of dignitaries were present for the occasion, including the Maori King, Koroki, and the Mayor of Auckland.

Stonemasons at work on the bluestone for the monument on One Tree Hill summit. New Zealand Free Lance, 31 May 1939
Construction of Obelisk
Construction of Obelisk, photographs donated by Carolyn Johnston.
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