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Sir John Logan Campbell Grave


When Campbell died on 22 June 1912, a special transfer of 2.6 hectares of land was made to the Cornwall Park trustees so that he could be laid to rest overlooking his beloved Park. The inscription on his grave reads "Si monumentum requires circumspice" which translates as "If you need a memorial look about you". His wife, Emma Cracroft Campbell died shortly after him, on 11 August 1912. She is buried alongside their daughter, Ida, at St Stephens Church Cemetery in Judges Bay. Another Daughter, Cicily, has her grave in the Symonds Street Cemetery, but the remaining Campbell children died abroad and were buried in Europe.

Sir John Logan Campbell Funeral
The funeral of Sir John Logan Campbell at the summit of One Tree Hill. 1912 The Auckland Weekly News, Thursday 4th July 1912
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