Cornwall Park




In the early days of the Park, the Park Caretaker's wife served refreshments to visitors in an open sided pavilion, built next door to Huia Lodge in 1908. The 'Visitor Tea Room' in Huia Lodge (the present-day reception area) was also open to visitors in unfavourable weather. By the early 1920s, a second pavilion had been added and the building was gradually roofed in and further extended, until in the 1960s it came to resemble the structure we see today. In 1999 a new pavilion was built in the style of the early ones. Traditional Victorian teas are still served at the restaurant now known as 'Cornwall Park Restaurant', and the name 'Kiosk' now refers to the icecream/takeaway bar.

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 35-R149
Tea Kiosk
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