Cornwall Park


Hospital Site


In 1942, under emergency war-time regulations, 26 hectares of parkland east of Pohutukawa Drive was requisitioned for The United States 39th General Army Hospital. The hospital building consisted of numerous prefabricated huts grouped together with a long, narrow connecting corridor. When World War Two ended, the hospital buildings were used for the National Women's Hospital, and later as the Cornwall Geriatric Hospital. In 1975, Cornwall Park regained its grounds and the last of the hospital buildings were removed. This area was landscaped and replanted in the mid-1980s, but reminders of the old hospital still remain; the original flagpole in the middle of a circular carpark and camellia bushes marking the former hospital wards along the fence line near Twin Oak Drive.

Hospital Ward
Original photographs of U.S Army 39th General Hospital donated by Mr. Weinberg, U.S.A.
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