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Grey Warbler

Grey Warbler


Riroriro (Gerygone igata)


Grey Warblers are a tiny endemic New Zealand bird, and were important to Maori as a seasonal reminder to plant their crops in the winter. They are 'foster parents' to the Shining Cuckoo who lay their eggs in the nest of the warbler, which then raise the cuckoo chick as their own.


They are a tiny non-descript bird, patchy grey head and back with a white underbelly.


At Cornwall Park Grey Warblers can be found in similar locations to the Silvereyes, in the olive trees and in the native enclosures. They are widespread in forests, scrublands and gardens. Often heard and not seen as they rarely stay in one spot.


Their diet consists of insects especially flies, beetles, caterpillars, and spiders. They also east some small fruits. They hover in mid-air and catch prey at the ends of branches.


The Grey Warbler has a high pitched, carrying warble often sung just before it rains; it is often halted mid-song and repeated.

Grey Warbler Locations

Grey Warblers in Cornwall Park

See a map of the common locations Grey Warblers are found.

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